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Official Rules for Tournament 

  • Qualifying for The Ball of Fire “Superb Owl of Trivia Tournament” runs from Sunday, October 1, 2023 to Friday, January 19, 2024.

  • Semi-Final games will be held on Saturday, January 27, 2024 (time and location tbd) and Saturday, February 3rd, 2024 (time and location tbd).

  • The Superb Owl of Trivia Finals will take place on Saturday, February 10, 2024 (time and location tbd).

  • To participate in the tournament, teams must register no later than November 3rd, 2023.

  • No points will be given for games played prior to team registration. 

    • Example: If you register on October 10th, you will not receive tournament points for the game you played on October 3rd.

  • Each team should pick a team captain to register the team and be the primary point of contact for all tournament related communications.

  • Complete registration form at

  • Team Captain will receive a registration confirmation e-mail within 24-36 hours, which will include your Team ID number.

  • ​Teams must provide their Team ID number with the team name at each game played in order to receive Tournament Qualification Points.


  • Provide the host with your team name AND your Team ID number in order to receive your Tournament Qualification Points.

  • Each registered team receives one (1) tournament point for each game they play per week (limit 1 per day - you cannot split your team to play at multiple locations per day).

  • Additional points are awarded based on ranking at the end of the game.

    • 1st Place: five (5) tournament points

    • 2nd Place: four (4) tournament points

    • 3rd Place: three (3) tournament points

    • 4th Place: two (2) tournament points

    • 5th Place: one (1) tournament point

  • If a non-registered team places in weekly games, the tournament points are awarded to the next tournament registered team.

  • If a member of your team is caught using their phone or cheating in some way during the game, your team will be disqualified for that night and will not receive a tournament point for playing that night.

  • A note will be made in the tournament roster that your team had a cheating incident.

  • If a second incident of cheating occurs, your team will be eliminated from tournament qualification and will be ineligible to move on to the semi-finals and finals.

  • Don’t cheat.

  • A weekly points standing will be shared once a week through social media and one

Regular Game Play During Qualifying Weeks

  • Teams may play multiple times per week at any Ball of Fire Trivia location. However teams cannot play at multiple locations on the same day.

  • Teams must provide their Team ID number at each location when registering.

    • With multiple instances where more than one team uses the same name at different locations, the Team ID ensures tournament points are awarded to the appropriate team.

    • Team IDs allow teams the fun of changing their name from time to time

  • Please do not assume the host knows you and will fully register your team.

    • Err on the side of caution and register your team name and number every time and everywhere you play.

  • Trivia Nuggets and Ball of Fire private trivia events are NOT eligible for Tournament Points.

Playing at Multiple Locations

  • Each week, one or more Double Down locations are announced via Social Media. 

  • Double Down locations change each week.

  • If you play at one of these locations, and register your team at the beginning of the game, you will receive two (2) tournament points.

  • Additional points will be awarded based on ranking at the end of the game.

    • 1st Place: ten (10) tournament points

    • 2nd Place: eight (8) tournament points

    • 3rd Place: six (6) tournament points

    • 4th Place: four (4) tournament points

    • 5th Place: two (2) tournament

  • Space may be limited at these Double Down locations, so attendance is first come, first served

Double Down Game Play

  • Note: These are preliminary rules at this time. Updates to rules will be posted here.

  • Team size is limited to six (6) players per team for Semi-Final and Final Games.

  • Team members can be swapped out for full games.

    • Example: Bob played on your team during the semi final game, but cannot come back to play in the finals. Mary may be substituted for Bob, as long as the total number of player on the team in either game does not exceed six (6).

  • Teams may NOT swap out players DURING a game.

    • Example: Bob is playing on your team in the semi-final game but has to leave after round 3 - Mary can NOT step into his slot for the remainder of the game. Your team will have to finish the game with a vacant slot where Bob was.

  • If your team is made up of less than 6 players normally, you MAY supplement your team with new players to bring your total to 6.

    • Example: if your team is three people and you qualify for the semi-finals, you MAY invite three friends or players from another team to join your team for the semi-finals and finals.

  • Phones will be secured at your table in “T-Bird’s Phone Vault” and will not be available for your use during the game.

  • If you have 6 players on your team, 6 phones must be placed in “T-Bird’s Phone Vault” in order to begin playing. Absolutely no phones, tablets or similar devices will be allowed during game play.

    • Periodic breaks will be built into the game to allow you to check messages and return missed calls. But all phones must be returned to the vault before your team can resume play.

  • If a player on your team needs to leave your table during the game (bathroom, other emergency), they will not be allowed back to your table until the completion of the current round.

  • Friends, family, and spectators are not allowed to visit Tournament tables or communicate with players during gameplay, even if answers have been submitted.

    • Visitors must wait for the scheduled breaks.

Rules for Semi-Finals & Final Games
(Preliminary Rules)

Ball of Fire will have a very limited number of “Invitational” spots in the semi-finals

Invitational Teams

These rules are not full and complete at this time

Ball of Fire reserves the right to continue to add rules to keep the game fair

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